Climb up using hooks with a tight string, but be careful of the color required for the next shot. Try your attentiveness in the surreal atmosphere of the game onTop, where your observation and reaction can play a cruel joke with you.

onTop is a unique arcade with puzzle elements.

Allow yourself to get the courage to score the maximum record in the classic mode, getting bonuses that negatively or positively affect through the gameplay.
If you want more dynamics, the time mode will do it for you, where a limited timer will not give you any opportunities to get bored.

At any time you can change the shape of the game and buy the skin you like the main character to wear for the currency earned in the game.

How to play:

The main task of the game is to get the maximum score, climbing up with the help of hooks with a tight string.

When you shoot, your character clings to the surface. However, each hook has its own required color, which you must mind about. One shot in the wrong color will ruin your game.
On dynamic objects, you can only keep one hook .
Initially, you are given 3 hooks, by which you can cling. For later use, if all 3 hooks are already in use, you will need to cut already fixed strings that can not dramatically affect the further progress of the game.

Good luck!